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BSTPN Member & Stakeholder Meeting Today

Derrin Kent
BSTPN Member & Stakeholder Meeting Today
by Derrin Kent - Tuesday, 28 July 2020, 6:51 PM

Great Success!!
BSTPN Momentum is building!

Over 80% of our Provider Network were represented at our Network Member & Stakeholder meeting, held today.

We all benefited from policy updates and pragmatic advice from:

  • ESFA
  • Ofsted
  • GBSLEP¬†
  • Leaders in Safeguarding¬†
  • Birmingham City Council
    • who want us to offer another Live Careers Event on 18th & 20th August
  • Both Birmingham and Solihull Careers Hubs
    • who are now arranging more Promotional Events for our Providers to reach out to applicants in Sep, Oct & Nov

Videos and slidedecks for both the morning and afternoon sessions are available within our Members Only Network Meetings area.

We have captured all questions asked and Derrin will follow up with presenters + post their responses in our member-only forum space.

Following on from a brilliant Education slot delivered by Dr Dan Grant from "Leaders in Safeguarding", we have have been inspired enough to commit to launching a BSTPN Safeguarding Peer-Review and Development Group,  This will help local Providers to make quick contact with local Safeguarding partners and agencies AND to share best Safeguarding practices amongst ourselves.

Please contact (07792569415) if you want to join us in our provider network.